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*Psychotherapeutic Counselling

As well as offering hypnotherapy services, I am a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in training registered with the National Counselling Society abiding by their code of ethics. I am currently offering counselling in my therapy room in my home as a part of my final year of clinical practice. This counselling is low in cost which means it is more accessible for people who otherwise may not be able to access counselling for financial reasons, or are on a waiting list and would rather not wait. I work using an Integrative approach which means I use a variety of methods from different approach depending on the issues my clients bring. 

If you would like to find out more about how I work and have an informal discussion about how we could work together, please contact me by filling out the contact form below, or you can message/call me on the mobile number.  

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About Me

My Experience

Amanda Swan treats phobias: flying, spiders, heights, needles, cotton wool, and more.

My training and experience originates from a deep interest in psychology where I obtained a BSc and went on to study criminology at MA Level. I am also interested in crime, its social aspects and how this impacts on psychology and vise versa. I then discovered that even though I have an interest in crime and society my real interest lies within people, and how people psychologically respond to the situations they find themselves in. 

I discovered whilst working closely with people that there are a number of mental health difficulties and psychological disorders which took my interest, and I found I wanted to help these people. These difficulties more often than not related to anxiety, depression or stress to which many symptoms can occur. I wanted to pursue this avenue of mental health and psychological well-being by using my existing experience to help people along with psychotherapy. 

I also wanted to specialise in anxiety, depression, stress and trauma based problems, particularly childhood trauma. I decided to train as a psychotherapist so I can use talking therapy in conjunction with hypnosis. Psychotherapy training initially led me to clinical hypnotherapy where I trained to use hypnosis by being able to alter my clients state of consciousness. I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist where I use positive suggestion to help people feel an improved sense of well-being using a completely natural method. Making changes within oneself is not only long lasting, it is literally life changing. 

Today I am in my last year of training as a Psychotherapist where I support people in talking therapy on two clinical placements. It is a privileged to work with people so closely and is something I never take lightly. Whether I see a client for weight loss or childhood trauma, a persons experience is their experience, so if I am able to be beside you in your journey towards a healthier you then you can be sure of a very safe, non-judgmental and confidential companion.

I am also qualified in bereavement support having trained with Cruse Bereavement Care ( ).  If you have had a bereavement or loss, no matter how long ago, feel free to get in touch to find out how I work and how best I can support you.  

I am here to help you...


... on your journey to a more positive well-being. Come and try a taster session if you have never tried hypnosis before. 

Come and relax...


Expect nothing less than pure relaxation in hypnosis with the knowledge that you are on a path to something better...

About My Practice

Hypnotherapy is very effective for anxiety: general, health, death, panic attacks and more.

My Practice

I am pleased to be able to offer a very personalised hypnotherapy treatment service based in the Kent countryside, whereby every client is treated as a unique individual with their own specific requirements. Each session is uniquely tailored to suit those individual requirements following consultation and assessment. I will put together a treatment plan with you, the client, ensuring you are at the center of your therapy.  

Hypnosis helps to free your mind and body to experience a natural level of relaxation.

My Treatment Focus

My aim is to help you achieve the goals you want to achieve through positive suggestion and the process of hypnosis. I focus on helping you feel more positive and in control of your mind so that each time you leave my therapy room you feel that you are making positive progress. Feeling in control and being more positive after your treatment will help build your confidence, self-esteem and maintain motivation. It really is that simple. 

Stop smoking today to free your lungs, gain back your energy and increase your life span.

My Client Promise

As your therapist I will accompany you through this journey of change, all at your own pace. It is my promise to you that I will provide a safe, secure, confidential and non-judgmental space where I will listen to your concerns and facilitate your progression, however long or short that may be.  

How I Can Help You

Concessions are available, please ask

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My Hypnotherapy Services

Why Not Try a Taster Session?


If you have never experienced hypnotherapy before then a taster session is very insightful experience. 

During a taster session it is your chance to sit back and relax. 

If you have a specific issue to bring to therapy and this is the reason you are having a taster session, then you are welcome to discuss this with me in brief so I can point you in the right direction. I will explain how hypnotherapy can help improve your health and well-being and how positive suggestion can help you. I will answer any questions you have and how explain how I work, and then when you feel comfortable to do so, I will take you through guided progressive muscle relaxation into hypnosis so you can experience the hypnotic trance. 

After this you will begin to understand the health benefits that hypnosis can bring physically and mentally. 

A further appointment can then be made for you to have an assessment if you wish to do so. 


Assessment for Treatment


Before you go ahead with any hypnotherapy treatment, I will conduct an assessment with you so that I can understand what you would like to achieve from the treatment. You may have a specific goal in mind such as weight loss or stopping smoking, or you may not be sure where the treatments will take you, only that you would like to feel a more positive sense of well-being and improve your health by reducing the symptoms of anxiety or depression.   

I will explain to you how I work with hypnosis so that you are as relaxed as possible when you come to start your treatment. Relaxation is the key, however there is no expectation and everyone relaxes at a different pace. My aim is to work with you. 

From the information you give me I will then form a treatment plan with you so that when we meet for your first session you will know what to expect. Treatment plans can and do change as therapy progresses so regular reviews for long term treatments is very common. Additionally if you have any concerns or want to make changes to your treatment please do discuss this with me at any point in your sessions. For short term treatments, this may not always be necessary but feel assured that you will always be listened to. 

Hypnotherapy Treatment


Following your assessment, you are now ready to begin your treatment. 

Treatments sessions are an hour long and often include a discussion at the beginning to see how you are getting on and then I will help you into a guided progressive muscle relaxation and into hypnosis so that the work can begin on making the changes in your subconscious mind. 

I use positive suggestion into the subconscious mind based on the information taken at your assessment. This can change session by session or it can be a case of reinforcing week by week a set of ideas that you have, depending on the goal you want to achieve.  Most clients find that reinforcing week by week brings some very good results, and often clients feel that fortnightly and monthly 'top-ups' are beneficial before they finally 'go it alone!'. Whatever your requirements I aim to see everyone as an individual with individual requirements. 

Your goal will be my goal too. 


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